It is not with the lyre of someone in love that I go seducing people. The rattle of the leper is what sings in my hands. Jane Kenyon

Thursday, March 01, 2007


krystyna said...

I am fascinated!!

Masago said...


Pat Paulk said...

Love it!!


Love the collage.. it's really cool.

Tried posting my "bio" to Always More Beyond... not sure if went through. Let me know.

:) ep

North said...

Absolutely beautiful, stunning artwork!!

Thankyou for your email; after visiting my blog; I hope you have recieved my reply, with attachments of a surprise I made, with two of your pieces.

You had mentioned in your EM to me, you wish you could do "what I do" and so I wanted to show you, the possibilities you had, should you chose to learn digital graphic design.. what a great enhancement this could be to your work!!

I have shown no one else what I did with your work, I only sent them to you, as you are the owner(gentle smile) and I wanted to surprise you, as I deeply, admire your artwork!

with loving kindness,

robot55.5 said...

Wow! How did you do this?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ng:

Just wanted to be sure you got this link:

Paragraph 6.



iamnasra said...

Well its been awhile - did I tell you how talented you are ???

Paula said...

this is fantastic. i'd like to have one with my imageas.