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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Adam Speaks His Mind

Adam Speaks His Mind
“The vast part (95%) of our minds is the “unconscious” that which we
have little awareness of. The unconscious know things we have not learnt.
Jung believes that in our unconscious is stored the collective wisdom
we inherit from our ancestors. This is the knowledge we gained from
lives we never lived, from the experiences we never experienced. This
knowledge is transmitted from one generation to the next through the genes. One of the ways we know of the existence of the unconscious is through our dreams.”

It is like the Tree
In Eden, this arabesque
Of my mind.

Herein, leaves of variegated
Thoughts jump synapses from twig
To twig at the speed
Of a photo-synthetic adultery.

Herein also the often sudden
Flowering of things I do
Not know and things I did
Not learn, things the Original
Apple promised the Digital Apple
Would deliver.

And herein also the dreams,
The cloning of Eve
From the marrow of my rib,
The fig leaf shame
Of an exile, Eden now
The room next to my
Nursery rhymes, the serpent
In the tree moults to become
The dragon in the dungeon
Of Harry Potter minds.

And I, a latter day Adam
Know that the flaming unsheathed
Sword is the belief
That good and evil
Is learned, not inherited
From the First Adam

The Art work on this post was created by North Design.


North said...

Dear Kianseng.. lovely thoughts, with Jung! Your poem, resonates with me...

Fellow visitors, the pictures is Kianseng's paper batique... and I merely surprised him one day, using some of my north magic, to enhance the already beauty of the original...

Kianseng; you are a great artist, poet and writer.. I bow humbly before you...

with loving kindness,

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed readyour poetic thoughts..Thank u

Clare said...

your words and images are incredible. thank you -- I'm so glad I found your site.

Anonymous said...

Oh that anonymous that was me up there

for got to put my name

Wow the photo of North. I love her work


North said...

Hello Nasra, thankyou!! It is Kianseng's floral work first though. Also, thankyou for gracing my blog with your presence! I have visited your blog in like kind; and I stand also, in awe; before you and Kianseng both; as your gifted talents as word-smith's truly are a gift to the readers!!

with loving kindness,

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

How true -- how beautiful! Happy Easter :)

Borut said...

Anoter great one, leaving us, the descendants of Adam, to ponder about! This brings back to me the words of Blake: Error is created. Truth is eternal.

Kai C. said...

well done

Paula said...

I thought I had alreadt commented on this fine poem and the Art; well, doing it now; your poetry i always thought provoking.
Ilove what North did with one of your images.

"Angeldust" said...

Perhaps 'Spiraling" is another one... and I have another just ready to put together – you ma recognize - hopefully spending the Summer at the Surrey Art Gallery.....

I am fascinated by how different our perceptions are, “Journaling” was not playful for me at all … it was a time of so much pain, I could not write… So, I sat from time to time dripping red paint and let it run. When I mentioned to a friend that I was unable to express myself in writing, he pointed out I was doing in with paints.
It started very innocently as a “Pollock” experiment… not even a slight resemblance!

Dear Kianseng, I got link to you at Mischiefangels and WordRapture.
Multiply is not a "user friendly" system.
Would it not be to specifically and easily communicate with you, I would not have signed up, although it has better features than blogger. It is too convoluted for others outside the system.

If you agree I can post your one before last poem at WordRapture
with a few words a link to your site – but, I repeat, people have to go through this “elaborate” sign up situation and THAT discourages many.


This IS the poen I am talking about above.

I can link here too...
Please feel free to tall me what you have i mind and I will try to accomadote your desires...

Anonymous said...

Me too thought I left you a comment ...I enjoyed reading this ..any new on your side


Rethabile said...

You left me a message on my Poéfrika blog a while ago. i did not act on it right away, and now I can't recall exactly what it was apart from the fact that you were inviting me for sth. Cheers

Don Iannone said...

Lovely in all ways. Hoping you are well. Don

Pris said...

I like this. Jung really resonates with me.

f said...