It is not with the lyre of someone in love that I go seducing people. The rattle of the leper is what sings in my hands. Jane Kenyon

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Giant Vending Machine


A prayer never ends, Even after the petition is granted,
there remains the sweet mystery of why you are the
recipient of that blessing.

We teach the formula, “In this manner
pray.” A single line becomes singular
law. “First believe, then you will receive.”
A sleight of words, like the slide
of coins into a giant vending
machine. No need for importunity, faith
is the substance of coins inserted,
the evidence of selections available.
A slotted prayer makes miracles instant,
canned wealth, decaffeinated health, low sugar
absolution. There is no need to “Press
here to retrieve money,” for the kingdom
of power and glory without end
is where the Amen cannot amend
the will of a man.


Nick Zegarac said...

A very astute and gnawing referal to the darkness that comes after and in between every light.

steve said...

thank you for this one ... I hope all is well with you, I just happened to check today and it has been a while (here, anyway).

no name said...

I really like this piece of poetry. Makes me wonder about the mystery as you state it; of why you are the recipient of that blessing... & it speaks of the power of prayer which is born of faith... & I wonder about the will of man and God's will... I wonder if there is anything as free will!

CopyMe said...

Looks like the outside of the house!

Was reading the Serpent poem and I remember there was another 'case' like this.

Newspaper was used instead of meat... something like that....not in a bao tho

Plus Ultra said...

A rare visit from my son Jeremy, yes it is just outside Emohruo!

Alicia M B Ballard StudioGaleria said...

WOW - I like it when you "step out"